KMC Custom Contracting

Established by Matthew Pitts and Stirling Grassick, KMC is the product of diverse backgrounds and an unrelenting commitment to quality workmanship. Between them, Matt and Stirling have more than 30 years of construction, engineering, and real estate investing experience. This unique blend of skill sets allows KMC to approach projects from a different perspective than most builders. From full scale home renovations with large budgets to minor upgrades with small budgets, KMC applies the same high standards and attention to detail regardless of the project’s size.

Construction projects and home renovations are complex and involve numerous variables. KMC recognizes that many homeowners may find this intimidating. Accordingly, we work transparently with our clients to help them understand costs, timelines, and risks. KMC’s primary focus is building excellent, long term relationships with our clients. We strongly believe that a project is not finished until the homeowner is thrilled with the end result.

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